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Nursing Home Survey Performance – Federal and MA

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Caregiver Action Network (formerly named National Family Caregivers Association)

     MA Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office

          Includes link to Ombudsman contact info by city/town.

CNA Resources
Mission is to improve the quality of care for consumers through the creation of higher quality jobs and working conditions for direct-care paraprofessional workers.
Develops innovative approaches to recruitment, training, and supervision; client-centered caregiving practices; and effective public policy.
        On-line library for materials related to direct care workforce.


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Founder of Culture Change Movement.
Coalition-run national effort initiated in 2006 to help nursing homes achieve excellence in the quality of care and quality of life for the nation's nursing home residents.
Consumers are encouraged to join – see website for details.
Healthcentric Advisors (formerly Quality Partners of Rhode Island)

Leader in nursing home quality, and provides clinical support and quality improvement materials to Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) throughout the U.S.

Examples of Culture Change Approaches:
      Eden Alternative


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Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ("CDC") - Nursing Home Care


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Information and resources on eldercare services to assist consumers, caregivers, and professionals. The site lists information on approximately 40,000 services and programs in Massachusetts for elders.

MA Aging Service Access Point Agency (“ASAP”)

Volunteer, municipally appointed agencies linking elder needs and resources by developing and/or coordinating services, community education and advocacy.
Massachusetts Legislature and Legislation Home Page.

Independent Federal subcontractor for the Quality Improvement Organization program within MA. 


Medicare Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC QIO)

Livanta is the MA BFCC QIO which manages Medicare complaints for MA.

Administered by the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Program provides health insurance counseling services to elderly and disabled adults.


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Laws & Regulations

2010 Affordable Care Act

Long-term care initiatives are included in several areas, one of which is Title VI Transparency and Program Integrity.

Legislative data from the Library of Congress, including details to pending and passed bills.
Federal and MA Nursing Home Laws & Regulations

On-line library of MA laws; inquiries to law librarians - ask law librarians questions via email, phone, web chat); and other legal resources.

See MA nursing home regulations: 105 CMR 150.000

Searchable database by state and topic, with reference to related federal regulations.
Legal Services
Promotes a fair and effective justice system to support the work of attorneys in their efforts to safeguard victim’s rights; includes attorney locator.

Private, non-profit organization responsible for providing protection and advocacy for the rights of Massachusetts residents with disabilities; provides legal services to eligible people and groups whose cases meet DLC’s priorities.

Justice in Aging (previously named National Senior Citizens Law Center)

Advocacy organization that provides education and counseling for advocates nationwide.  It does not provide legal advice to individuals, but works on issues affecting community, assisted living and long-term care elders.

Law Help

Helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid in their communities.

Sliding fee/free legal services for MA nursing home residents.

Massachusetts Senior Legal Helpline  1-866-778-0939

FREE legal information, advice and referral services for MA senior citizens (60 years or older) in most areas of civil law, including guardianship, Mass Health, Medicare, nursing home, powers of attorney, Social Security/SSI, and many others.  If you get their voicemail, leave your name, telephone number, and city/town where you reside, and they will return your call within 2 business days.

Professional association of attorneys dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to the elderly; includes attorney locator.
Nursing Home Survey Performance – Federal and MA
Other Resources

Alzheimer's Association - National

Brain Injury Association of America

Hospice and Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts
  • Caring Connections - National consumer and community engagement initiative to improve care at the end of life (program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization).

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

National Guardianship Association

Senior Decision

Website where consumers like you rate and review senior care & senior housing.

The Traveling Wheelchair
Reviews of wheelchair accessible places to facilitate mobility for our citizens in wheelchairs, and information to increase public awareness on the importance of accessibility for all.



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