Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes Campaign

A 9/29/06 National Summit held in Washington DC launched the “Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign”  - over 400 attendees from around the country participated (including two representatives from MANHR). The Campaign includes an “unprecedented”, broad-based coalition of organizations representing long-term care providers, caregivers, medical and quality improvement experts, government agencies, and consumers. This is the first time these groups, all with a stake in improving nursing home quality, have come together in a national effort to coordinate combined resources from national and local organizations. 

Campaign Goals

The Campaign provides resources and tracking methods to encourage nursing homes to make progress toward achieving measurable goals identified by the Campaign.  Nursing homes voluntarily participate in the Campaign and self-report progress to the selected goals.   See this link for additional background on the Campaign's goals.

Consumer Involvement

The Campaign is committed to consumer involvement, and encourages nursing homes to seek and use consumer input to improve quality. Consumers are encouraged to join the campaign and become a participating consumer. For additional information and to register, use this link to the Advancing Excellence website.
Facility and Consumer Assistance

Technical assistance and guidance are available from quality experts and through the Campaign website. The Local Area Network for Excellence (LANE) is a coalition of stakeholders at the state level that support providers and consumers in achieving the campaign goals. The MA Culture Change Coalition is the LANE assisting MA nursing homes, and MANHR is the LANE assisting MA consumers.
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