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Active since 2000, the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (“MANHR”) is the sole statewide consumer group working for improvements in the quality of care for MA long-term care residents. We are a committed group of long-term care consumers, their families and friends, and citizen advocates who are proud of the organization’s achievements.
MANHR is the “thread” that connects advocates around the state, and provides a voice to a population that is often forgotten and overlooked – not only elderly long-term care residents, but also younger residents with disabilities.
Working together, we can improve the lives of all MA long-term care residents.
Ongoing Activities
Consumer Support maintain “helpline” (toll-free phone # and e-mail), offering advice and resources on long-term care issues;
Family-Run Councilscreate new Councils and support existing Councils by providing materials, training, and mentor services;
MANHR Members – distribute informative e-mails on long-term care issues; and hold membership meetings, providing an opportunity for mutual support and a forum for strategizing positive change in long-term care facilities; and
Public Education – outreach to elder service groups and agencies to raise awareness of long-term care issues; provide information and resources through our website and materials.
Active member of the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (formerly NCCNHR), a national grassroots organization providing leadership on long-term care issues.
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